Staging and Integration Services

Deployment of retail technology begins with Staging and Integration.

Nothing can impede your deployment quite like an unexpected equipment or configuration issue in the field.

AST can provide equipment procurement to meet all your project needs.

Our 50,000 square foot Integration facility is staffed with experienced, highly trained network and Microsoft systems development engineers available to configure your hardware and software, test, burn in, and create a distribution schedule to ensure your deadlines are met every time.

Our Facility is specifically designed to allow our technicians the ability to stage and integrate multiple projects on different platforms, or combine them all into one space for a large single platform roll out, our staging approach drastically reduces product handling and movement throughout the integration process Increasing line efficiencies and productivity leads to a more cost effective solution for you the customer.

Our world class integration facility brings your hardware and software solutions together in one place. Having over 17 years in the service industry focused on IT installation, we know the success of your technology deployment hinges on your equipment arriving onsite, on time and with the correct store specific configuration.

By pre-staging, configuring, and testing your equipment before its arrival, you can be certain everything arrives with no surprises every time.

A model unique to the industry, we drastically reduce the out of box failures in the field, lower on-site installation time and ultimately, overall cost to our Customers.

Inventory Management
Whether you have a small hardware refresh or a full store build out, we'll receive your inventory and manage it with flawless accuracy and real time visibility.

Good logistics requires great process. By utilizing our flexible logistics model and online inventory management system, we'll receive and hold the parts you need until you're ready to deploy.

Your equipment's ready for shipment at a moment's notice, virtually eliminating availability issues and market price adjustments.

We know in the real world there are changes "mid project" to images, IOS revision levels and custom configurations. By managing your inventory within our integration facility, we ensure that your equipment deploys with the most current configurations and images in production while keeping your deployment on target.

Managing IT purchases, integration and deployment requires a level of attention to detail you'll only find in a Company whose core business has always been Field Service since day we opened the doors.

At AST, we employ processes based on a variety of industry recognized principles and standards. Each is designed to maintain a steady flow of "traffic" while allowing the flexibility to stop on a dime, adapt to last minute changes and unplanned customer events.

We understand that being nimble enough to alter our process and manage change is paramount to maintaining customer site uptime, in store productivity….and of course…your sanity!

Why do some of the world's largest retailers depend on Advanced Service Technologies?
On-time project completion, cost savings, and attention to detail only begin to scratch the surface.

Call us today 937-435-4376 we'll take the stress out of your upcoming Project.

Its' our core business, always has been.
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